About Lila.

Lila was founded in 2009 by Zoe Durrant  
Zoe's background in fashion is quite colourful, but It all started when she was working as a fashion model in London during the 90s. 

" I used to love hanging around Portobello market and I loved finding special vintage pieces which would elevate my style. Buying vintage was a style choice at the time, to be individual, but actually it felt like the very beginning of a movement, the exact sustainable fashion movement that you see today as more and more people including myself were growing a distaste for fast fashion."

 " I aim to help relieve the burden in any small way I can, of the fast throwaway fashion culture that is impacting us and the planet and to create a more sustainable way to shop. I mainly focus on sourcing classic quality pieces that will stand the test of time but at the same time looking at current trends."

Lila has given Zoe the opportunity to inspire more women to shop more responsibly without compromising on their style.

 🖤 Zoe 

IG: @lilavintageuk  

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